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Check the math 170 in the math department it may be a

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Unformatted text preview: nd laws of chance phenomena as they are used today in many fields and to prepare you for Statistics. Check the Math 170 in the Math Department. It may be a more appropriate course for you if you are not going to continue studying statistics. II. INSTRUCTION • Lectures (M,W, F) : Lecture 1 at 12:00-12:50 (Franz 1260). • Instructor: Prof. Juana Sanchez. Office: Math Sciences 8935. E-mail: [email protected] . • Office Hours: M, W, 1:15-2:15 PM or by appointment. Office hour time is used to ask about material covered in lecture or homework. For other questions, you may make an appointment by e-mailing me and stating in your e-mail the purpose of the appointment. • TA sessions: The teaching assistants will run weekly sessions to help with the problem sets assigned for the session, homework and the software, and in addition will schedule weekly office hours. There is a TA session each week. You must attend the session you are registered in. Visit the TA session folder to see what is going to happen each week. • Teaching Assistants: Chenhui Wang, [email protected] • Lecture format: Theory and examples are discussed during lecture time. Lecture outlines posted in CCLE, lecture folder, do not contain all the information given during the lectures. Bring to class: pen and or pencil and paper, and the scientific calculator you will use in the exam because you will need both. You will need to take notes as material is added during lecture that is not in the outlines and is not posted. You may print lecture outlines for free in the Stats lab (up to $10). See CCLE lecture folder. Be aware: This is not a distance course or an online course. Participation and engagement in the lecture, without computers or electronic devices is required. Use of electronic devices (computer, cell phones, ipads, etc) will affect your grade. All these items must be disconnected and in your backpack, unless otherwise indicated. The lectures are video taped and can be viewed the next day. The TA wi...
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