Stat100A-Syllabus W14

I am doing this to help you study and go over the

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Unformatted text preview: ll not complete lecture notes for you if you miss class. • Audio/video: The lecture is both video and audio streamed. I am doing this to help you study and go over the course material discussed in class and the exercises in detail after class. I am grateful to OID for this great opportunity, and I hope you will find it helpful. The lectures will be available for you to hear the day after the lecture. Access is restricted to students enrolled in the class. You will need your UCLA log on / ID. If you encounter problems with Bruincast, e-mail . The audio stream, like notes I may post in CCLE, are not a substitute but a complement to attending the lectures, taking notes and the time you study outside class. Be ready to study the material on your own at least ONE hour for each class hour (i.e., minimum 4 hours a week. Homework time must be added to that). • Being on top of everything is very important for success in this course: (i) Read the lecture note posted and try to complete the incomplete parts in lecture. (ii) Be very knowledgeable of what is in this syllabus, to avoid losing precious (avoidable) points in your grade. (iii) Read CCLE daily and know what is there. (iv) Do not fall behind. (v) Keep good attendance to lecture and TA session, it helps your grade (vi) Use the textbook to supplement the lecture notes if needed. (vii) Do all homework, quizzes and participations even if you get to drop one. III. RECOMMENDED TEXTBOOK AND REQUIRED SOFTWARE • A First Course in Probability, 9th or 8th edition, even 7th edition. 9th edition is on reserve in Science and Engineering Library, and page numbers recommended for reading will refer to that edition. You are responsible for finding the corresponding pages if you use an earlier edition of the textbook. Reference to recommended reading of specific sections of the book can be found in the appropriate section of CCLE. Please, read if you need additional material to comprehend the lectures. The homework does not all come from this book, thus homework problems will be typed in th...
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