Stat100A-Syllabus W14

More instructions will be given at the time of the

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Unformatted text preview: heat sheet can only have formulas and definitions, no solved problems, no graphs, no intermediate steps, no proofs and no examples. More instructions will be given at the time of the exam and every student must follow these instructions, posted in the exam folder. Exams are based on what is covered in lecture and homework. Phones and computers are not allowed from the moment you enter the exam room until you are out of it. The exam will show individual work only. Thus, talking during the time of the exam, sharing materials, looking at other students’ exams or not following directions given will be subject to disciplinary action (see Academic integrity below). Photo ID is required to take the exam. No ID no exam. No exceptions. 3 • FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 8:00am-11:00am. No make ups or alternate dates under any circumstances. Not taking the Final results in an F in the class. The final is cumulative. Check the requirements and all instructions in the Final Exam Folder in CCLE. V. GRADES Midterms 20, 25%; Final: 25%; Participation and attendance: 15% ; Homework assignment : 15% A+ 98-100; A 95-97; A- 90-94; B+ 88-89; B 82-87; B- 80-81 C+ 78-79; C 72-77; C- 70-71 D+ 68-69; D 62-67; D- 60-61 F Below 60; P (C or better); S (B or better) VI. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AND CLASS POLICY • As a student and member of the University community, you are here to get an education and are, . therefore ,expected to demonstrate integrity in your academic endeavors All students must uphold University of California Standards of Student Conduct as administered by the Office of the Dean of Students ( Students are subject to disciplinary action for several types of misconduct or attempted misconduct, including but not limited to dishonesty such as cheating, multiple submission, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information. • Cell phones and pagers should be turned off or to silent mode and in your backpack; those who need to make or receive calls should step outside the class to avoid disturbing others. UCLA policy ( )states...
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