Stat100A-Syllabus W14

Reading the parts of the book that cover that

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Unformatted text preview: e homework sheets for you. Exams are based on the material covered in lecture and practiced in the homework and TA session. Reading the parts of the book that cover that material is meant to help you study and reinforce what we learn in the lecture. • Free required Software: We use free software throughout the course, if needed, to illustrate simulation of random numbers, to solve some probability problems with computer simulation, and for the projects. 2 Students like to use R Studio, an interface that is easy to use and is more menu-driven than the original R. To access R-studio go to To access R directly, use all instructions for downloading it at . A few problems in the homework will require use of the software. You will be guided as to how to use the software for most of those. The first TA session is very important to get acquainted with the software. IV. ASSESSMENT • Participation/ mini quizzes. Required. No make ups or alternate dates. It is essential that you are able to attend all classes. Do not plan travel, take other classes, enroll in internships, or make other commitments that conflict with class dates. Even if the lecture session is audio/video streamed, you are expected to be actively involved in the lecture. The audio/video stream is not a substitute but a complement to the lectures, and is meant to help you study. ID is required in lecture. Electronic devices (phones, ipads, computers, graphics calculators) not allowed during participations mini-quizzes unless otherwise indicated. We do these to help you be engaged in the course and keep up with the material on a day-to-day basis. The mini quizzes are like exams and must reflect only your work, unless otherwise indicated. Everything must be turned in written down with your name, ID and date on it when asked. Miniquizzes will be on something that is not in the slides, but said during the lecture. You may drop the lowest participation/mini-quiz. Coming to class regularly and on time is essential to su...
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