Stat100A-Syllabus W14

You must be enrolled to attend this class homework

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Unformatted text preview: ccessful learning in this course. If you miss classes for any reason, you will be responsible for making up the class content. You must be enrolled to attend this class. • Homework: Required. Approximately a set of problems will be assigned each week. They will be posted, with due date, in the CCLE Homework folder. Only one or two problems will be graded thoroughly, but they all will be collected. An answer key is posted for every homework after it is returned graded. All computer simulations done in R will be graded. Homework will be posted in CCLE in the homework folder. A sheet with the text of the homework problems will be posted. No make ups or late homework allowed under any circumstances. The homework is to help you practice the concepts learned in lecture and to help you study. It is very important that you make an effort to do the problems on your own. It is ok to consult with other students and to ask questions to me or the TA to do the homework, but you must turn in your own individual homework and show your understanding of the material. The lowest homework score will be dropped. Homework can not be left in mailboxes, e-mailed or handed out to the TA unless otherwise indicated by Prof. Sanchez. It must be turned in lecture in the day assigned or earlier. Please, do not interrupt the class to turn in your homework. If you enter the lecture hall late, wait until the end. Contact Professor Sanchez to arrange a time to give it to her if you must turn it in earlier than the due data. • Midterms: Required. 2 Midterms: Wednesday, January 29th, class time.; Wednesday, Feb 19th, class time. Room to be assigned. Check Midterm folder in CCLE. No make up exam or alternate date under any circumstances. Missing an exam results in an F in the class. Please, contact Prof. Sanchez to make an appointment in her office if you have questions about this. You will be able to have a cheat sheet and a scientific calculator (no phone, computer calculator, or graphics calculators) during the exams, quizzes or participations. The c...
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