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15 primarygrowthofshoots o shootapicalmeristem

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Unformatted text preview: ept 35.2: Meristems generate cells for primary and secondary growth Meristems o Apical meristems are located at the tips of roots and in the buds of shoots Elongate shoots and roots through primary growth o Lateral meristems (or combia) run parallel to the long axis of roots and shoots Add thickness to wood plants through secondary growth Overview of Primary and Secondary growth 16 Concept 35.3: Primary growth lengthens roots and shoots Primary Growth of Roots o Figure 35.14 & 35.13 17 o Produces the epidermis, ground tissues, and vascular tissue o Root cap covers and protect the apical meristem Lateral Roots o Arise from the pericycle o Outermost cell layer in the vascular cylinder o Figure 35.15 Primary Growth of Shoots o Shoot apical meristem Dome­shaped mass of dividing cells at the tip of the terminal bud Responsible for primary growth in young stems (i.e., increase in length) Figure 35.16 Organization of Primary Tissues in Young Stems o Figure 35.17 18 o Vascular tissue is arranged in a ring of bundles in gymnosperms and most dicots o In most monocots, vascular bundles are scattered throughout the ground tissue Tissue organization of Leaves o Figure 35.18 19 Concept 35.4: Secondary growth in...
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