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9 theangiospermlifecycle

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Unformatted text preview: wind Stamens – produce pollen Contains the filament Carpels – produce ovules Ovules produce the megasporangium Fruits A mature ovary Ovary matures after fertilization of ovules Can be carried by wind, water, or animals, enhancing dispersal Figure 30.8 Figure30.9 The Angiosperm Life Cycle Double fertilization occurs when a pollen tube discharges two sperm into the female gametophyte within an ovule 1st sperm fertilizes the egg 2nd sperm combines with two nuclei in the center cell of the female gametophyte and initiates development of the endosperm 10 Endosperm nourishes the developing embryo Figure 30.10 ­ Alternation of Generations (occurs in all land plants) 11 Chapter 35: Plant Structure, Growth, and Development Concept 35.1: The plant body has a hierarchy of organs, tissues, and cells The Three Basic Plant Organs o Plants draw nutrients from 2 very different environments: below ground and above ground o 3 basic organs Roots Stems Leaves o Organized into the root and shoot system shoot system consists of the stems and leaves (above ground) root system consists of the roots (below ground) o Figu...
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