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Unformatted text preview: to form endosperm that absorbs nutrients from the parent plant o Zygote develops into an embryo Endosperm Development o In most monocots and some dicots the endosperm stores nutrients that can be used by the seedling after germination o In other dicots the food reserves of the endopsperm are exported to the cotyledons Seed Structure o Dicots Hypocotyl, radicle, and two thick 40 cotyledons o Other dicots Similar structures, but thin cotyledons o Monocots Single cotyledon (scutelum), coleoptile, and coleorhiza From Ovary to Fruit o A fruit develops from the ovary of the flower o Protects enclosed seeds and aids in dispersal by wind or animals Fruits and Seed Dispersal o 41 From Seed to Seedling o A mature seed dehydrates and enters a dormancy phase Helps ensure that seed germinates at a time and place most advantageous to the seedling Breaking dormancy often requires environmental cues like temperature or water availability o Germination depends on imbibing, or uptake of water Protection of the Apical Meristems 42 Concept 38.2: Flower...
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