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Unformatted text preview: m Transport Routes between Cells In most plant tissues, the cell walls and cytosol are continuous from cell to cell cytoplasmic continuum – symplast movement is through plasmodesmata continuum of cell walls and extracellular spaces – apoplasts Lateral Transport in Roots Casparian strip is a waterproof, waxy band that prevents water from entering the vascular cylinder from the apoplast water moves from the apoplast to the symplast before it enters the vascular cylinder and then the xylem Minerals such as K+ enter the symplast by active transport 25 26 Pulling Xylem Sap The transpiration­cohesion­tension mechanism Water is pulled upward over great distances by negative pressure (tension) in the xylem Transpirational Pull Transpiration – the evaporative loss of water from the leaves of a plant Water vapor in the air spaces of a leaf diffuses down its water potential gradient and exits the leaf via stomata This produces negative pressure in the leaf, which is transmitted to water in the x...
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