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Global Geoscience Watch

An interactive world map is provided so that you can

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Unformatted text preview: k reviews and other content discussing and analyzing the environmental issues faced by that country. An interactive World Map is provided so that you can access the Country Portals. Using the World Map The following example steps you through using the World Map to view a Country Portal results page. This example begins by clicking the WORLD MAP button on the page banner. 12 User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch A sample view of the interactive Google® World Map is shown below. Use the BROWSE drop-down list and select “Browse Countries.” Then select the link for “Brazil,” as shown. The map will refresh itself and place info balloons contains information pertaining to your selection. on every geographic area that To go to the Country Portal, click the VIEW COUNTRY PORTAL>> link from the country pop-up, as shown below. Additional links take you to Issues Portals, and from the News tab you can link to news articles. User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch A Sample Country Portal Refer to page 5 for more details on using a Portal. 13 14 User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch Searching the World Map The previous example showed one way to use the World Map. You may also browse topics, as shown below: Lastly, you may use the World Map to search the Country Portals for your search term(s). An example is shown: The “info balloons” that appear indicate that search results were found relating to the country indicated. User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch 15 How to Search Basic Search At the top of every page in this database, you'll find the Basic Search box along with a link to the Advanced Search page. Basic Search searches the key fields (such as titles and subject headings) of all content in this database, making this a good all-purpose search. Whenever possible, the system will present your Basic Search results as a Portal results page (refer to page 5). When there is no Issues/Organization/Country Portal that matches your search terms, the system will display a standard results page (refer to page 17). Advanced Search Here's how to perform an Advanced Search: 1. Click the ADVANCED SEARCH button that appears in the page banner 2. Enter your search term(s) in the top-most input box 3. Select an index from the drop-down menu (some indexes may be browsed via a Browse link that appears when the index is selected) 4. To optionally search on another index, select a logical operator (AND, OR, NOT), enter additional search term(s) and select an index — you may add as many rows as needed by clicking add a row (the AND operator is shown by default, but you may change it) 5. Optionally enter one or more search limiters using the fields found below the search input boxes to narrow your search results in more specific ways 6. Click the Search button 16 User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch A view of the Advanced Search page: When your search includes just one of the following indexes — keyword, subject or entire document — the system will first look for yo...
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