Global Geoscience Watch

Depending on the type of portal you are viewing you

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Unformatted text preview: e articles listed, simply click on its hyperlinked title. Depending on the type of Portal you are viewing, you may find academic journal articles, book reviews, case studies, conference presentations and reports, directory listings of associations/organizations, directory listings of research centers and special libraries, magazine articles, news articles, primary sources, reference essays and statistical data. User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch 7 Multimedia Content Video and image results are grouped together in the left-hand sidebar. Clicking the play triangle button on the video panel will launch the video in a pop-up window or from the host site. Click the Images tab to access related photographs and other images. Click the DETAILS >> link to view a larger version of the image. Podcast results are grouped together on the right-hand side of the page. Click the audio icon podcast from the host site. to launch the Relevant websites hand-selected by the advisory board appear on the right-hand side. Hovering the mouse pointer over a website link pops-up a brief description of the site. Clicking the link takes you directly to the site. Portal Tools BOOKMARK: By using the Gale Bookmark feature you and others can re-visit practically any page you choose after you've ended your current session. You can Bookmark pages with dynamic content, such as a Portal. Click the Bookmark star and a separate browser window will open, allowing you to copy and paste the Bookmark address into another document, add it to your browser bookmarks, and/or e-mail it. SHARE: Clicking the Share tool reveals a list of supported thirdparty sites. Selecting a third-party social networking service will take you its sign-in page or add bookmark page. Marking Items While viewing search results and individual articles, essays, images and other content records, you may want to collect, or “mark” items for later printing, emailing, downloading and/or to generate bibliographic citations. You can mark items whenever you see the selection checkbox 17), or Document View page (page 18). on a Portal, standard search results page (page To view your marked items, click the MARKED LIST button on the page banner. Select items, then click DOWNLOAD to save them in HTML format Your marked items will be grouped by content type. You may print, email, and generate citations for them. 8 User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch Navigating Back to the “Global Geoscience Watch” Portal To go directly to the “Global Geoscience Watch” Portal, enter Global Geoscience Watch in the Basic Search box in the banner area at the top of the page and click the SEARCH button. Return to the “Global Geoscience Watch” portal by doing a basic search Alternativel...
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