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For example an advanced search on the keyword index

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Unformatted text preview: ur search terms in the Issues, Organization and Country Portals and display a Portal page whenever possible. For example, an Advanced Search on the keyword index for the term China will take you to the Country Portal for China. However, an Advanced Search using indexes other than those mentioned, or using multiple indexes, will display a standard results list page, as described next. User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch 17 The Standard Search Results Page In some cases your search will not find a matching Portal, but the system will still display results matching your search terms. This will occur most often when you are performing an Advanced Search using multiple indexes and/or search limiters, when searching just the video content, or when searching just the news content. You may also get a standard results page when using the Basic Search box if your search query is vague (i.e., a single word that could be used in many contexts) or very specific (i.e., technical jargon). Here is a partial view of a non-Portal results page showing the results of an Advanced Search query that used search limiters: 18 User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch Document View Clicking on a document title from your search results (either a Portal page or the standard results page) or from your marked items list (page 7) displays the complete content of the record, be it a magazine article, a reference essay, a podcast transcript, and so on. A Sample Document Below is a sample showing the Document View page. User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch 19 The TOOLS Box on the Document View To help you manage the document you are currently viewing on the Document View page and make its content more accessible, use the features listed in the TOOLS box. The following table provides a brief description of the available tools. Note that some tools, such as PDF and DOWNLOAD MP3, are not available for every type of document. Tool What it Does Reformats the current page for printing; you can print individual documents or a list of documents you have marked You can e-mail content from this database to yourself and others; you can email individual documents or a list of documents you have marked Save the current page as a file to your computer, USB flash drive, or other portable device; you can download individual documents or a list of documents you have marked Open or save the document in Portable Document Format (PDF) (not available with some documents) Bookmark the current page for use with a social networking system or service, such as Delicious, Facebook, Google, MySpace, Twitter, and others (not available for videos) Lets you create a Gale Bookmark so that you can retrieve at a later time the page you are viewing. Note that simply using your browser's bookmark or favorites feature will not work to...
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