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Global Geoscience Watch

The overviews are periodically re written or updated

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Unformatted text preview: tion or country. The Overviews are periodically re-written or updated, to reflect ongoing changes related to the issue, organization or country. Where available, you may find website listings and ways to get involved. Portals also offer relevant case studies, directory entries profiling related User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch 3 organizations and libraries, conference presentations and book reviews. The Portals are interconnected, so that you can easily link to related Portals. The resources you can access from a Portal change over time as updates are made to cover evolving political, economic and social events and scientific advances. In addition, new Portals are continually added. There are three types of Portals: Issues Portals, Organization Portals and Country Portals. Issues Portal Issues Portals focus on events, topics and problems of global importance facing the 21st century in the following ten categories: Agriculture and Food Systems; Energy; Humans in the Natural World; Pollution; Science and Technology; Economics and Trade; Environment and Ecology; Law and Politics; Resource Management; and Social Factors. In addition, there are four “Global Geoscience Watch” Portals, each based on a course area: Geography, Geology, Meteorology, and Oceanography. These course areas contain links to related Issues Portals that are most relevant to the course. A sample “Global Geoscience Watch” Portal is shown on page 5. Organization Portal Organization Portals are similar to Issues Portals but instead profile an association or organization. In addition to the Overview, Statistics, News and other content, Organization Portals also include “Quick Facts” about the organization in the right-hand sidebar, such as full contact information, year founded, membership total, budget and other information. Organizations profiled include the European Union (EU), Greenpeace, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and others. Country Portal Learn the basic facts about a country, as well as the environmental issues, events and challenges affecting it. In addition to the Overview, Statistics, News and other content, Country Portals also include “Quick Facts” about the country in the right-hand sidebar, such as an image of the country’s flag and data on its size, population, type of government, and other information, along with links for more details. 4 User's Guide: Global Geoscience Watch How to Access Global Geoscience Watch and GREENR 1. Go to www.cengage.com/login a) If you are new user, click Create My Account to register. You will be prompted to enter an access code, which will look similar to PP8XLP3XD528HC. If your textbook did not come with access, you may purcha...
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