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Information Classification & Call Numbers(3) (2)

Lccallnumberpractice lccallnumberpractice

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Unformatted text preview: of publication or volume number – – – Numbers can be written horizontally (or vertically): – PA 112 .G53 1982 or PA 112 .G53 1982 Reading LC Call Numbers Reading LC Call Numbers Letters are arranged in alphabetical order Numbers are arranged in ascending order – Smaller number goes to the left of a larger number True for whole numbers and decimals If all else is the same in two call numbers, an older edition goes to the left of a newer one. LC Call Number Practice LC Call Number Practice Put these call numbers in order: 1) HV 3176 .O43 2001 2) HV 3176 .C85 1996 3) HV 3024 .G7 H42 1985x 4) HV 3176 .D594 2002 Answer: 3, 2, 4, 1 LC Call Number Practice LC Call Number Practice Put the...
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