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Unformatted text preview: – – Dynamic content – changes based on user input Webpages not linked to others Examples: Password protected sites/sources (e.g. Library article databases), purchasing airline tickets, job searches, etc. Web Evaluation Web Evaluation • What are some of the major criteria you should use to evaluate websites (i.e. CRAAP guidelines)? – Currency • Last update…? • Broken links – Relevance • Who is the audience? • Does the info really relate to your topic? – Authority • Credentials/contact info for author/creator of page – Accuracy • Can you verify information elsewhere? – Purpose • Reason(s) for website to exist (look for Mission Statement, etc.) • Language on site: Inflammatory or neutral (i.e. objective)? Copyright Issues Copyright Issues • Define “fair use” – Exceptions to copyright law that allow for educational, satirical, or news usage of protected materials • Define “public domain...
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