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Unformatted text preview: Classical Hollywood Cinema Centers on the individual SovIet Montage (EIsensteIn) -Centers on the masses -Driven by social forces -Actions motivated by social causes [-Actions, events motivated] Character-driven Actions motivated by desire [Actions, events motivated] Dynamics of opposition/ conflict Causal Structure -Dynamics of opposition/conflict -Causal structure -Linear cause & effect chain of events -Parallel lines of action eventually converge -Typage, social forces serves causal function Linear cause & effect chain of events -Parallel lines of action Personality serves causal function Ending: Closure Perspective: -Objective reality -Omniscient point of view -Ending: Synthesis -Perspective: -Rhetorical -Restricted (proletariat's) POV Editing Styles Classical Hollywood Cinema SOVIET Montage (EISENSTEIN) -Discontinuity editing -Highlights shot transitions -Disunity, conflict within & betw/images emphasized -Passive/active spectator implied Continuity Editing Smooth, invisible shot transitions Unity of scene emphasized Passive spectator implied ...
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