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Unformatted text preview: ions 1.1 Graphical repres entation ("beachball plot") 2 Beach Ball Calculator 3 See als o 4 References 5 External links Moment tensor solutions [edit] The moment tens or s olution is ty pic ally dis play ed graphic ally us ing a s o- c alledb eac hb all diagram. The pattern of energy radiated during an earthquak e with a s ingle direc tion of motion on a s ingle fault plane may be modelled as a doub le c ouple, whic h is des c ribed mathematic ally as a s pec ial c as e of a s ec ond order tens or(s imilar to thos e fors tres s and s train) k nown as the moment tens or. Earthquak es not c aus ed by fault movement have quite different patterns of energy radiation. In the c as e of an underground nuc lear ex plos ion, for ins tanc e, the s eis mic moment tens or is is otropic and this differenc e allows s uc h ex plos ions to be eas ily dis c riminated from their en.wikipedia.or g /wiki/Focal_mechanism 1/3 12/8/13 Focal mechanism - Wikipedia, the fr ee encyclopedia s eis mic res pons e. This is an important part of monitoring to dis c riminate between earthquak es and ex plos ions for theComprehens ive Tes t Ban...
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