4 fault plane s olutions als o play ed the k ey role

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Unformatted text preview: e ridges .[4] Fault plane s olutions als o play ed the k ey role in the dis c overy that the deep earthquak e z ones in s ome s ubduc ting s labs are under c ompres s ion, others are under tens ion.[5][6] Beach Ball Calculator [edit] There are s everal programs available to prepare Foc al Mec hanis m Solutions (FMS)[whi c h?]. BBC, a MATLAB bas ed tool box , is available to prepare the beac h ball diagrams . This s oftware plots the firs t motion polarity data arrived at different s tations . The c ompres s ion and dilation are s eparated us ing mous e help. A final diagram is prepared automatic ally .[7] en.wikipedia.or g /wiki/Focal_mechanism 3/3...
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