By c onvention the c ompres s ional quadrants are c

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Unformatted text preview: o thes e planes . By c onvention the c ompres s ional quadrants are c olour-filled and the tens ional left white. The two nodal planes inters ec t at the N (neutral)ax is . The P and T ax es are als o often plotted; with the N ax is thes e three direc tions res pec tively matc h the direc tions of the max imum, minimum and intermediate princ iple c ompres s ive s tres s es as s oc iated with the earthquak e. The P-ax is is plotted in the c entre of the white s egment, the T-ax is in the c entre of the c olour-filled s egment. The fault plane res pons ible for the earthquak e will be parallel to one of the nodal planes , the en.wikipedia.or g /wiki/Focal_mechanism 2/3 12/8/13 Focal mechanism - Wikipedia, the fr ee encyclopedia other being c alled the aux iliary plane. Unfortunately it is not pos s ible to determine s olely from a foc al mec hanis m whic h of the nodal planes is in fac t the fault plane. For this other geologic al or geophy s ic al evidenc e is needed to remove the ambiguity . The s lip vec tor, whic h is the direc tion of motion of one s ide of the fault relative to the other, lies within the fault plane, 90 deg from...
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