Lecture 5 part2

Wont be marked but do it anyway twoelectron system

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Unformatted text preview: uantum numbers q, construct the general form of the wavefunc?on based on the fact that it must be an?symmetric under par?cle exchange. We start by wri?ng ! (q1 )! (q2 ) which is not an?symmetric on its own. There are 2! = 2 permuta?ons of these type of wavefunc?ons, and we can construct an an?symmetric solu?on from a linear combina?on of these permuta?ons: 1 !A = (! (q1 )! (q2 ) " ! (q2 )! (q1 )) 2 Check to see if it’s an?symmetric: P12! A = 1 (! (q2 )! (q1 ) " ! (q1 )! (q2 )) = "! A 2 Homework: Find the general form for a three par#cle system! Won’t be marked, but do it anyway. Two ­electron system •  Let...
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