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Cal parcles this is called the symmetrizaon postulate

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Unformatted text preview: qPN ) = ! S (q1 , ...qN ) •  The one totally an+symmetric state for any par?cle exchange sa?sfies: P! A (q1 , ...qN ) = ! A (qP1 , ...qPN ) = "! A (q1 , ...qN ) We observe in nature that these two types of states are sufficient to describe all systems of iden?cal par?cles (this is called the symmetriza?on postulate) Those par?cle systems with totally an# ­symmetric wavefunc?ons are called FERMIONS Those par?cles with totally symmetric wavefunc?ons are called BOSONS How do we know which par#cles are fermions and which are bosons? Connec?on to par?cle spin •  Austrian Wolfgang Pauli (1900 ­1958) showed the connec?on between the spin of a p...
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