Grade n 0 late mark n 2 5 quiz kme what do

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Unformatted text preview: ]ed aper due date will be accepted at a penalty of 50% per n day late. •  •  •  •  •  Grade (n ! 0) Late Mark = n 2 5 Quiz Kme… •  What do you know? –  RelaKvity? Taken PHYS 260? –  Quantum mechanics? Spin? J? PerturbaKon theory? –  StaKsKcal mechanics? –  Chemical bonding? –  Condensed ma]er physics? –  Lasers? –  Nuclear? –  ParKcle? 6 What do you WANT to know? •  Name something you want to learn more about in Modern Physics: 7 The femtosecond and the lighthair • 1 fs = 10-­‐15 s = 0.000000000000001 s • Distance to the moon: 384,000 km Light travels to the moon in approx. 1.3 s • Thickness of a thin hair: 30 micron How long Kme does it take light to travel though such a hair? Answer: 100 fs 8 Laser pulse duraKon (s) Pulse duraKon from various lasers 1 mJ of energy 5 fs pulse duraKon Instantaneous power is: 200 GW OR 100 nuclear reactors Year Kaertner et al, Top. Appl. Phys. 95, 73 (2004) 9 • Equation of motion Induced dipole and macroscopic polarization Linear opKcs The magnetic part of the Lorentz force is negligible N. Dubreuil - NONLINEAR OPTICS 5 - With an applied EM fiels = temporal deformation of the electronic cloud E p time time Classical anharmonic oscillator model Induced Dipole - Two applied EM wave withof the position of2the • time variation frequencies 1 and : center of mass : x(time) • the electronic cloud is linked with the nucleus, presence of a restoring LINEAR CASE : «...
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