Induced dipole in a linear regime

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Unformatted text preview: LINEAR » response of the vibrating dipole force (linear function of the displacement of the electrons) • vibrating dipole ( induced dipole) : "! !"! !! # "! $"! %" In a linear regime : linear relation between the displacement of the electrons and the restoring force E p time Induced dipole frequency = time applied EM field frequency Induced Dipole Abrev. : EM field means Electromagnetic Field dipoles with frequencies = Vibrating N. Dubreuil - NONLINEAR OPTICS A material with a collection of N dipoles in a linear vibrating regime = LINEAR MEDIUM 1 and 2 10 3 Nonlinear opKcs Classical anharmonic oscillator model - Two applied EM wave with frequencies 1 and : 2 NONLINEAR CASE : « NONLINEAR » dependence of the restoring force with the displacement of the center of mass E p time time Induced Dipole Vibrating dipoles with frequencies = 1 and 2 + harmonics A material with a collection of N dipoles in a nonlinear vibrating regime = NONLINEAR MEDIUM 11 N. Dubreuil - NONLINEAR OPTICS 7 Nonlinear opKcs •  The e...
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