Lecture 6

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Unformatted text preview: pseudo ­force the exchange force. Many non ­interacIng bosons The requirement that the ground state must be symmetric under exchange. ! = " 1 ( x1 )" 1 ( x2 )..." 1 ( x N ) All the parIcles in the lowest n state gives lowest energy: ground state n=2 n=2 n=1 n=1 N bosons in ground state N ­1 bosons in ground state Eg = ( N ! 1)En =1 + En = 2 Eg = NEn =1 Energy/parIcle = Eg N = E1 Note this is interesIng! All the parIcles in the system are in the same quantum state. i.e. there can be something of macroscopic scale that is completely described by the same 8 wavefuncIon. We’ll come back to this later… Many non ­interacIng fermions •  Last Ime we saw how the Pauli exclusion princip...
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