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Unformatted text preview: r e2 Far away from the nucleus: U r = ! ,r # $ 4"!0 r Z Z(r) Z (r )e2 Ur = ! 4"!0 r Centripetal term •  This poten;al is radial (i.e. ang. mom. is conserved and !, m! and s, m s are good quantum numbers ! (r ) = Rn!Y!m (" , # )$± Z (r )e2 The poten;al U r = ! is no longer a pure 1/r, and so degeneracy in OAM is liced 4"!0 r In general, for higher ! the energy should increase because the electron is repulsed from ! 2 "(" + 1) the nucleus U centr (r ) = 2 mr 2 decreasing the effect of the –ve Coulomb term Breaking degene...
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