Ground state he has its spins paired up so we say it

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Unformatted text preview: racy con;nuum n=4 n=4 !=3 n=3 n=3 n=3 !=2 n=2 n=2 n=4 n=4 ! =1 So the n^2 degeneracy is broken, with higher momentum states being less bound n=1 !=0 Spectroscopic nota;on 0 ↕ Code leher: s ! 1 ↕ p 2 ↕ d 3 ↕ f 4 ↕ g 5 ↕ h So the n=1, ℓ=0 state is the 1s state. For the He ground state there are two electrons in this state, so we note it as 1s2 The first excited state configura;on of He is 1s2s So we build up the electron...
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