Microbiology course (protozoan I )

Content absorb solutes through the body surface

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Unformatted text preview: content. Absorb solutes through the body surface (saprobic, osmotrophy). body osmotrophy Some Autotroph: synthesize organic compounds from inorganic Some Autotroph synthesize substances in the environment. substances the Physiology Physiology Protozoa are sensitive to many kinds of stimuli… Protozoa sensitive of Touch (Cilia and flagella) Cilia flagella) Temperature changes (Ciliates, motionless bristles: act as receptors) motionless receptors changes T˚: optimal: 16 to 25˚C, 37 ˚C (within rumen), 56˚C (thermal source) C, within rumen), Light Many attracted by light: Some are photophobes Many light photophobes Specialized sensory organelle, the stigma or eye-spot. Specialized stigma eye-spot Found in photosynthetic flagellates (some dinoflagellates) Found Chemical and pH (optimal...
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