Microbiology course (protozoan I )

Resist habitats habitats symbiosis 104 species

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Unformatted text preview: sist Habitats Habitats Symbiosis (104 species) Symbiosis species (Close association of 2 different organisms) Close different Mutualism: Beneficial to both organisms (Ex: Protozoan living within gut of termites) of Commensalism: Beneficial for the protozoan, the no benefit/no harm for the host host (Ex: Protozoa from the rumen of cows) cows Parasitism: One organism living at the expense of the other. One the (Infectious Protozoa) Pathogen: Parasites that injure their host Parasites host Physiology Physiology Heterotroph: Feed on organic materials organic Ingested diatoms Dead or alive Dead alive bacteria, protozoa, molds, algae… protozoa molds algae Ingest particules (holozoic, phagotrophy), particules phagotrophy require mechanisms for food capture. require capture. Puncturers, Pierce the prey cell with a peduncle, Pierce peduncle digest and absorb the content....
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