Microbiology course (protozoan I )

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Unformatted text preview: n berkeley.edu/protista/ ciliata/ciliatalh.html Longitudinal binary fission http://biodidac.bio.uottawa.ca/thumbnails/images/PROT033B.gif Rosette formation (Leishmania promastigotes) Reproduction Reproduction Asexual Budding Mother cell non-motile (not common) Mother common Multiple fission Plasmodium (malaria) Plasmodium (malaria) Red blood cell Multiple fission Jahn, TL et Jahn FF. 1949 How to know the protozoa Multiple Fission Plasmodium http://www.sfu.ca/~fankbone/v/lab02.html Reproduction Reproduction Sexual (rare) (rare) Conjugaison⇒ Exchange of micronucleus, Gametes fusion fusion Male/Female gametocytes (Malaria; in insect vector) insect http://protist.i.hosei.ac.jp/protistology/Glossary/M/Mikami.jpg Regeneration Regeneration Ciliates Ciliates Escape from Predator Capture Escape Capture Cellular reconstruction Macronucleus necessary for regeneration regeneration Trichonympha campanula www.rz.uni-frankfurt.de/~schauder/ termites/proto6_bg.jpg...
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