Arrays single and multidimensional incrementdecrement

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Unformatted text preview: –  –  –  –  •  •  •  •  •  •  Edit source code and document thoroughly with comments;! Compile;! Fix compilation errors;! Execute;! Fix execution errors;! Test, test, test!! Programming Caveat and Goals;! Accessing basic mathematical functions from within your program;! Programming syntax;! Arrays: single and multidimensional;! Increment/Decrement and Boolean Operators;! For and While loops;! Phys 258, 2013.04.08! A. Warburton ! 7 ! Course Summary and Closing Remarks (VI)! •  If-Else Conditional program control;! •  Character and variable input (intro to manipulating variables by
 reference);! •  Formatted output; exponential formatting;! •  Variable types: const, int, float, double, char, etc.;! •  C Constants and Symbolic Constants;! •  Preprocessor directives: e.g., #define and #include;! •  Functions;! –  Modularity, manageability, maintainability, and reusability (applications in experimental physics)! •  C Pointers, Addresses, and introductory memory management.! Phys 258, 2013.04.08! A. Warburton ! 8 ! Course Summary and Closing Remarks (VII)! •  Introduction to numerical integration techniques to solve ordinary differential equations:! –  Euler methods: standard and improved;! –  Runge-Kutta method to 4th order in the C language !! Ø། Solving a system of 1st Order Differential Equations numerically! –  Sources and types of error to consider! Phys 258, 2013.04.08! A. Warburton ! 9 ! Final Remarks (I)! Note that there is often more than one “tool” to choose from to conduct experimental physics:! •  Operating systems! •  Text editors! •  Programming languages! •  Data analysis packages! •  Data presentation packages! (be aware that the last two functions above can often be handled within a single software package; however, this is neither always essential no...
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