Note reasons for using c as the choice language for

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Unformatted text preview: r preferential!)! Phys 258, 2013.04.08! A. Warburton ! 10 ! Final Remarks (II)! Recall an important Caveat:
 This is not a substitute for a formal computer programming course of the kind offered in computer science departments.! ! The goal here is to use examples to improve your familiarity with widely used and useful programming environments so that you can get started quickly in various aspects of physics research & laboratory computing. (Note reasons for using C as the choice language for this purpose.)! ! A second goal is to provide you with the tools, or the means to find the tools, to develop your own computing skills as you need them in your future experimental and theoretical physics work. ! Phys 258, 2013.04.08! A. Warburton ! 11 ! COURSE EVALUATIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE… LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! Want to have an impact? You can: help instructors improve future course offerings, inform decision- makers for merit, promo8on and tenure, and teaching awards, help reach response thresholds so that results may be disseminated to students. Thank you for par8cipa8ng in this important process. Prof. Morton J. Mendelson Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) COURSE EVALUATIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE… Easy to complete: ü༏ Takes only 5- 10 minutes ü༏ The system is open 24/7 ü༏ Available from Mar. 25 – Apr. 16, 2013 Access : 1. Log in to your MINERVA account 2. A pop- up window will direct you to the course evalua8ons §༊ Alternate way to access the course evalua8ons: a.  Select Student Menu b.  Click on Mercury Online Course Evalua?on Menu c.  Then on Submit your course evalua?ons d.  Click on the Course link Ques8ons/comments: [email protected] Final Remarks (III)! ! "While you are experimenting, do not remain content with the surface of things. Don't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin." -Ivan Pavlov ! Phys 258, 2013.04.08! A. Warburton ! 14 !...
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