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HIST 1025 Take Home Exam 1 2013

some final hints instructions on next

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Unformatted text preview: discussions of context. …continued next page … III. Topical Essay (40 pts.) Suggested length = 500- 600 words, between 1½- 2 pages. Answer ONE (1) of the following questions in an analytical, thesis- based essay. Be sure to offer a clear response to the question, draw upon historical contexts learned in the course, and discuss relevant and specific examples drawn from lectures and readings. Do not base your essay entirely on lecture material; you should incorporate mention of at least three (3) course readings into your answer, at least one (1) of which must be the Foner text. a) The U.S. economy shifted dramatically between 1865 and 1929 from one based on ideas of independence, a local and agricultural context, and production- oriented, to one that had a corporate focus, an industrial system, national context, and was increasingly geared towards consumers. Workers were key critics of this shift throughout this whole period. How did workers contest the terms of this new economy and to what extent were their efforts successful by the 1920s? OR b) Historians have debated whether American entry into the First World War was significant more for how it highlighted the moralistic impulses of Progressive reformers and politicians or for how it represented an escalation of economically oriented foreign policy approaches, such as Dollar Diplomacy, the Open Door, or the U.S.’s steady economic and territorial expansion since the Civil War. While both factors were clearly in play, which set of issues – moralistic philosophy or economic expansion – can you argue i...
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