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Thats why youll find clothlike scottissue towels in

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Unformatted text preview: r 14, 12noon All papers received after the grace period (expires 6pm) will accrue late penalties of 1/3 grade per 24- hour period after the original due date. I. Primary source analysis (20%) Suggested length 250- 300 words, about 1 page. Examine this source. Then consider the following claim and question: In lecture, I argued that fears of Bolshevism/Communism in the 1920s were closely connected to fear of labor unions and foreigners. In your analysis, does this source support, challenge, or complicate that argument? Explain your answer with reference to specific visual and textual details of the advertisement itself. The important part of the small print of the advertisement reads: “Try wiping your hands six- days a week on harsh cheap paper towels or awkward, unsanitary roller towels – and maybe you, too, would grumble. Towel service is just one of those small, but important courtesies— such as proper air and lighting—that help build up the goodwill of your employees. That’s why you’ll find clothlike ScotTissue Towels in the washrooms of large well- run organizations such as R.C.A. Victor Co., Inc., National Lead Co., and Campbell Soup Co. [The remainder of the text just describes the absorbent qualities of the towels…] ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ …continued next page… II. Making connections (40 pts.) Suggested length = 500- 600 words, between 1½- 2 pages. Choose three sources assigned in the syllabus from Reconstruction to the 1920s (Sep 3- Oct 3). You may choose any sources you like which will hel...
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