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HIST 1025 Take Home Exam 1 2013

You should organize your essay around those three and

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Unformatted text preview: p you to answer the question, with the one restriction that each source MUST be drawn from a different week. Using these three sources as your central examples, write an analytical, thesis- based essay that answers the following question: We began this semester by examining the Gettysburg Address, and thinking about what Lincoln meant in tasking Americans to dedicate themselves to the “unfinished work” of the nation. His hope was that after the Civil War, the nation would have a “new birth of freedom.” Between 1865 and 1929, do your sources support the claim that the U.S. experienced “a new birth of freedom”? Explain why or why not. A few notes: • Your response should argue either YES it did, or NO it did not. You will want to consider how you will define “new birth of freedom” and you can include a sense of counterpoint or compromise position, but you will still want to argue from a clear YES or NO platform. • Foner titles his chapter about the Civil War and Reconstruction “A New Birth of Freedom” and it may be helpful to consult (or quote) his interpretation of what that meant in constructing your answer. Foner is not required here, and in any case cannot count as one of your three sources – but along with lecture, will help you with issues of context. • You may refer to sources besides the central ones you choose, but be aware that you have limited space and the main focus of your analysis should concentrate on the three examples. You should organize your essay around those three and use the others only as part of...
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