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HIST 1025 Take Home Exam 2 2013

and finally handouts available on d2l

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Unformatted text preview: Foner are not generally considered sources in this case, although it may be helpful to refer to those or other sources besides the central ones you choose. Be aware, however, that you have limited space and the main focus of your analysis should concentrate on the three examples. You should organize your essay around those three and use others to help with context. If you want to use a specific lecture image for one (and only one) of your central sources, you should email us for permission to do so no later than Monday Nov. 11. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ III. Topical Essay (40 pts.) Suggested length = 500- 600 words, about 2 pages. Answer ONE (1) of the following questions in an analytical, thesis- based essay. Be sure to offer a clear response to the question, draw upon historical contexts learned in the course, and discuss relevant and specific examples drawn from articles, sources, and lectures. Do not base your essay entirely on lecture material; you should incorporate at least three (3) relevant course readings into your answer (i.e. sources, the Davidson & Lytle article, and the Foner text). a) The Cold War policy of containment generated new American mindsets in two arenas: the nation’s relationship to global politics, and the approaches to life at home. While the 1959 “Kitchen Debate” clearly illustrated that these two arenas became closely linked, in which area would you argue containment made the most significant impact between the late 1940s and the early 1960s: foreign policy or domestic cultur...
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