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HIST 1025 Take Home Exam 2 2013

Does it reinforce or complicate expand or narrow the

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Unformatted text preview: , 12noon All papers received after the grace period (expires 6pm) will accrue late penalties of 1/3 grade per 24- hour period after the original due date. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I. Primary source analysis (20%) Suggested length 250- 300 words, about 1 page Examine this source: This is a version a poster shown in class as it appeared in the New York Daily Forward, a Yiddish- language newspaper, on November 1, 1936 (shortly before the 1936 election). Note that it is not an advertisement, but a kind of visual editorial, i.e. sponsored by the paper rather than an outside client placing an ad. The translation reads as follows: top- center Forward; top- right, Art Section; below, Roosevelt, The Worker’s Choice. Now consider this question: In class we discussed how this poster illustrated how workers (and Americans in general) pushed FDR to shape New Deal policies towards goals he might not have originally intended. How does this image’s appearance in a Jewish newspaper affect that interpretation? Does it reinforce or complicate, expand or narrow the claim? In your answer, be sure to discuss the visual details as well as the context for the image, and consider what else about the Great Depression era might it relate to. II. Making connections (40 pts.) Suggested length = 500- 600 words, about 2 pages. Choose three sources assigned in the syllabus from the Great Depression to the 1960s (Oct 8- Nov 7). You may choose any sources you like which will help you to answer the question, with the one restriction that each source MUST be drawn from a different week Using these three sources as your central examples, write an analytical, thesis- based essay that answers the following question:...
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