HIST 1025 Take Home Exam 2 2013

If you have either not correctly cited it

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Unformatted text preview: e? OR b) It sometimes seems like the Civil Rights Movement came from nowhere, started with the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, and that only young people were brave enough to protest. But there is also evidence to suggest a longer history of activism and contextual factors that contributed to its success. Which would you argue was more responsible for Civil Rights victories in the 1960s: the intensity and actions of the younger generation or the legacy and context they relied upon? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ And finally: • Handouts available on D2L (see Assignments and Resources) can assist you in producing your best work: Three Tests for a Good Thesis, Grading Rubric and Criteria, Citation Guide. • We encourage you to seek help from your instructors, tutors, and classmates at two key stages of work: a) in strategizing or talking through possible answers, thesis statements, or analytical approaches and, b) in revising and proofreading a draft. Do not allow others to compose your work for you or define your answers in full—that would constitute a violation of the honor code. Rather, seek feedback about your original thoughts and written work— that is not only acceptable but also a regular habit of good students and scholars we’d li...
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