2nd midterm review

2nd midterm review - Physics 9C Review–second midterm...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 9C Review–second midterm Chapters 25-29 Section 29.7 will not be covered on this midterm. The midterm will mainly test Chapters 25-29, although you are responsible for all material covered since the beginning of the term. (I suspect it would be impossible to design a test on Chapters 25-29 that didn’t invoke Coulomb’s Law somewhere!) Chapters 25-26, which introduce current, is heavy on definitions: current density, J = ne v , for carriers of density n and average velocity v current, I = R S J · da (becomes JA if J is uniform) conductivity, J = σ E resistivity, ρ = 1 /σ resistance of wire, R = ρL/A Know the voltage drop in a resistor ( V = IR ) and the power dissipated in a resistor ( P = IV ). They can be derived from the above definitions, but you won’t need to. Also know Q = CV for a capacitor (Ch 24). Resistor-capacitor circuits involve exponential time dependences, with time constant RC . As the capacitor charges or discharges, the moving charges create a current,...
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