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BCOM Business Writing Notes Fall 2013

O nd use this information to in your 2 paragraph to

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Unformatted text preview: inning of your third paragraph, after you have built your case with information, but right before you list the benefits of your request. 3 Step 3: List the pros and cons  What are the arguments or facts in favor of your request? These are the pros of your request. Think of the ways in which your audience will benefit directly from agreeing to your request. What’s in it for them (WIIFY)? o  rd Put these benefits in the “Direct Benefits” section. This is often your 3 paragraph. What are some reasons for resistance? These are the cons of your request. Why would your audience, or certain members of your audience, say “no” to your request? o This information will help you build your case, as discussed in Step 4. Step 4: Anticipate resistance  What is the main reason for resistance? Of the reasons you listed previously, what is the most important reason that someone would reject your request?  What information do you need to provide that will overcome that resistance? Think of logical arguments, compelling evidence, case stu...
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