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Essay #1 - Dejan Cvetkovic Writing-140 Anupa Srinivasan...

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Dejan Cvetkovic Writing -140 Anupa Srinivasan 9.13.2005 Are You Buying This? Male and female stereotypes have been around for centuries. The typical female stereotype is one where the wife sits at home cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. The opposing male stereotype for this situation is one where the husband and father, is a successful businessman bringing home the money and therefore providing all the necessities for his family. This is one example of the way society has taught us to look at gender roleshow ever there are not always opposing sides to the stereotypes as I will discuss leter on. There are many other stereotypes, all “broadcasted” to us in various ways since we are children. In today’s society it is easy to see these ideas, they are everywhere you turn; advertising on television, magazines, newspapers, billboards, schools and even at home. Reinforcing the way we look and think about gender roles. Although stereotypes have been around for a long time, they are constantly changing. Since females have begun making strides towards equality, we see that some of the stereotypes of the past are becoming less apparent. However we now have new stereotypes that males and females have to reform to, such as appearance, giving a false sense that in order to be profitable in the corporate world or for that matter in your private life as well, you need to look a certain way. Even though society is trying to move away
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This essay was uploaded on 09/26/2007 for the course WRIT 140 taught by Professor Alvandi during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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Essay #1 - Dejan Cvetkovic Writing-140 Anupa Srinivasan...

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