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Unformatted text preview: 23.8kVAr. c) 49.2kVAr. d) 50kVAr. 14.16 (1) A 30000hp, 13.2kV, 3‐phase, 60Hz air‐to‐water cooled induction motor drives a turbo compressor in a large oxygen‐manufacturing plant. The motor runs at an exact full‐load speed of 1792.8r/min. The motor has an efficiency of 98.1% and a power factor of 0.90. What is the full‐load current? a) 1109A. b) 1921A. c) 524A. d) 762A. 14.16 (2) A 30000hp, 13.2kV, 3‐phase, 60Hz air‐to...
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