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Unformatted text preview: line voltage is 520V, what is the active power supplied to the load? a) 54kW. b) 10kW. c) 33kW. d) 45kW. 14.15 (3) DIFFICULT We wish to make an asynchronous generator using a standard squirrel‐cage induction motor rated at 40hp, 208V, 870r/min, 60Hz as in the figure below. The generator is driven at 2100r/min by a gasoline engine, and the load consists of three 5Ω resistors connected in wye. The generator voltage builds up when three 100μF capacitors are connected in wye across the terminals. If the line voltage is 520V, what is the reactive power supplied to the load? a) 10.1kVAr. b)...
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