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Unformatted text preview: e reactance a) 1440VAr, 1440VA, 1440W, 1440W respectively. b) 1440VA, 1440VAr, 2880W, 2880W respectively. c) 2880W, 1440VA, 1440VA, 2880W respectively. d) 2036VAr, 2036VA, 1440VAr, 1440W respectively. 7.13 A single‐phase motor draws a current of 12A from a 240V 60Hz line. A Wattmeter connected to the line gives a reading of 2765W. What is the power factor of the motor and the reactive power it absorbs? a) Power factor 0.0416 and reactive power 230VAr. b) Power factor 0.96 and reactive power 805VAr. c) Power factor 0.96 and reactive power 1...
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