Asynchronousgenerator binductor ccapacitor

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Unformatted text preview: erator. 7.3 Which one of the below is a static device that absorbs reactive power? a) Synchronous generator. b) Inductor. c) Capacitor. d) Asynchronous generator. (mine) Which one of the below CANNOT generate reactive power? a) Capacitor. b) Synchronous generator. c) Asynchronous generator. d) Synchronous motor. 7.6 The current in a single‐phase motor lags 50o behind the voltage. What is the power factor of the motor? a) 76.6%. b) 23.4%. c) 64.3%. d) 35.7%. 7.7 A large motor absorbs 600kW at a power factor of 90%. What is the appa...
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