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Unformatted text preview: rent and reactive power absorbed by the machine? a) Apparent power 666,67kVA, reactive power 66,67kVAr. b) Apparent power 540kVA, reactive power 261,53kVAr. c) Apparent power 599,92kVA, reactive power 9,7kVA. d) Apparent power 666,67kVA, reactive power 290,59kVAr. 7.8 A 200μF capacitor is connected to a 240V 60Hz source. What is the reactive power generated/consumed by the capacitor? a) 3622kVAr generated. b) 3622kVAr consumed. c) 4343kVAr generated. d) 4343kVAr consumed. 7.9 A 10Ω resistor is connect...
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