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D1440w2880w83msrespectively 710

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Unformatted text preview: ed across a 120V 60Hz source. What is the dissipation of: ‐ Active power ‐ Peak power ‐ Duration of each positive power peak a) 2880W, 1440W, 0ms respectively. b) 1440W, 2880W, 8.3ms respectively. c) 1440W, 2036W, 8.3ms respectively. d) 1440W, 2880W, 8.3ms respectively. 7.10 A 10Ω reactance is connected to a 120V 60Hz source. What is the: ‐ Reactive power absorbed by the reactance ‐ Apparent power absorbed by the reactance ‐ Peak power input of the reactance ‐ Peak power output of th...
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