The oor is smooth and exerts no friction force

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Unformatted text preview: º angle as shown in the figure. The floor is smooth and exerts no friction force. Determine (a) the work done by each force acting on the crate, (b) the net work done on the crate a) b) Example  Determine the work a hiker must do on a 15.0 kg backpack to carry it up the hill of height 100 m.  Determine the work done by gravity on the backpack, and the net work done on the backpack. Assume the motion is smooth and at constant velocity (i.e. acceleration is zero).  Applying Newton’s second law  Work done by a specific force; example work done by the hiker on the backpack but thus Note that the work depends only on the elevation h, not on the angle. The hiker would do the sa...
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