4 a there 15 identical apples to be consumed over 7

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Unformatted text preview: e winner if B scores and A does not score. If both of them score, then a fair coin is used to declare the winner as in part b). If neither of them score, then the balls are replaced into the box, and the pick is started in the same fashion as before. What is the probability that A is declared the winner? 4 a) There 15 (identical) apples to be consumed over 7 days. There are no restrictions on how many apples consumed each day, as long as all 15 are consumed in the 7 days. Assuming that the number of apples eaten per day is recorded for the 7 days, in how many ways can the apples be consumed? b) Solve part a) under the restriction that at least one apple is to be consumed per day, for each of the 7 days. 5. A mail with signature confirmation is to be delivered to a person by the mailman. On a delivery attempt, the probability that the mail is delivered successfully to...
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