6 state whether the following statements are true or

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Unformatted text preview: the person 2/3, and the probability that the delivery fails is 1/3. If the delivery fails, then the delivery is re ­attempted. The mailman makes up to three delivery attempts. If the third delivery attempt is also a failure, then the mail is returned to sender. a) What is the overall probability of successful delivery of the mail? b) Given that the delivery of the was successful, what is the probability that it was delivered on the second delivery attempt? 6. State whether the following statements are true or false. If statement is false, describe the conditions under which the statement could be true. a) If Pr(B|A) = Pr(B), then Pr(A|B) = Pr(A). b) Pr(A and B) = Pr(A) x Pr(B) for any two events A, B. c) Pr(A,B,C) = Pr(C) Pr(A|C) Pr(B|C, A) for any three events A,B,C. d) Pr(A or B) = Pr(A) + Pr(B ) for any two events A, B. e) For two tosses of a coin, let A=Event that the first coin is heads Let B = Event that there is at least one head...
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