Calculus II Problems - Fall2008_Prelim1

1 12 points if j b b b sin find j w 2

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Unformatted text preview: (12 points) If J ÐBÑ œ B( ! B# sin > .> , find J w ÐÈÎ#‰. 2) (20 points) Sketch the region enclosed by the curves B œ #C# and B € C œ ", and find the area of that region. 3) (20 points) Use the Trapezoid Approximaton with 8 œ % to estimate the integral ( # " .B . B (Do NOT simplify your answer.) Explain why this helps you to find an approximate value for ln 2. Use the following error bound formula, with the smallest possible value for O , to get an upper bound for the error in the estimate for ln 2: , OÐ,+Ñ2# |'+ 0ÐBÑ .B  X8 l Ÿ (where O is a number such that |0 ww ÐBÑl Ÿ O for "# all...
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